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Weightloss recipes to LIVE for!

Posted on: July 7th, 2011 4 Comments
healthy weightloss meal, grilled chicken & salad. Slender Wonder recipes

Another delicious, nutritious lunch

healthy weightloss meal,Slender Wonder recipes,

Healthy Lemon & Herby chicken Dinner






Another day of delicious, nutricious, filling meals.

The Slender Wonder Recipes are awesome and the Salad dressing is delicious!

It’s hard to believe I am actually telling my body that it’s starving!

My man has been so supportive in this process, going on my walks with me & eating the same food as me. He is also on the weightloss journey and so I am making the same meals for both of us, I am eating the SB version and he is having the GM (go moderate) version. This allows you to lose weight without the HCG slimming injection.

The Slender Wonder Recipe Book is wonderful and will definitely be part of my NEW future!

Who says eating healthy has to be boring ;)

And so, as another satisfying, successful day comes to an end, I wish everyone a good night! Sweet dreams and may you dream of THE NEW YOU!

Till tomorrow, this is Slender Debs signing off ………..