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Week 2 – bring it on!

Posted on: July 11th, 2011 6 Comments

W/end 1 on Slender Challenge conquored, bring on week 2!

So we are into Week 2 of the Slender Wonder Weight Loss Challenge & I must say that the weekend certainly had it’s challenges and it’s triumphs.

We had a braai with friends yesterday & they were really supportive & interested in how this weight loss programme worked. I realised, as I was explaining it them, just how much sense this program makes and how inspired and excited I am about it.

The more I explained the concepts and the more I was able to answer the questions, the more I realised what a Golden Opportunity I have been given to participate in this Weight loss Challenge. They were also VERY impressed with the Recipe Book & the delicious slimming meals that I will be able to make. I think I might soon be having some unexpected Dinner guests ;) .

Weight Loss menu – Slender Wonder Style

Slender Wonder Chicken Kebabs, Fillet Steak, Large Mixed Salad & for Dessert Strawberries & Vanilla Frozen yoghurt.

I had the kebabs & salad & strawberries – I must say dishing up the Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt (from Woolies – a favourite of mine!) was quite tempting, but not enough to get me to cheat!

So I made extra of the kebabs and the steak and now I have my Monday weight loss meals sorted :D


Hope you enjoy the video clip ( see link above).

Wishing everyone a Magical, Marvellously Slim Monday :)

Slender Debs signing off for now …




Time to reflect after 6 days on the Slender Wonder Challenge

Posted on: July 10th, 2011 7 Comments

Slender Wonder Challenge Day 6 – a day of mixed emotions …

Day 6 has been a day of mixed emotions and much introspection & reflection …..

This Slender Wonder weight loss programme is not only teaching me how to lose fat fast but has got me on the journey to a slimmer me on the outside, and also a slimmer, leaner thinking me on the inside.

I am sure many of you can relate to “I don’t know how I got to this weight”, ” The weight just snuck up on me” ” I don’t know why I can’t get my weight under control” ” I can’t seem to lose weight” ……….. This Slender Wonder programme not only gives me the tools to lose the weight fast, it also exposes the areas of my life that have caused the weight problems in the 1st place!

I have a much better idea now of what has caused this weight challenge & what changes I need to make to get me to the Slimmer Debs and stay there! This is not a “quick fix” diet, it’s a lifestyle, attitude change that is easily sustainable :)

I have now come to the conclusion that the weekend behaviour is part of what has contributed to my weight challenge!

Weekend walkabout woes

During the week I was 100% fine, but come Friday afternoon, the realisation set in that this was going to be a very different weekend! Tony & I both have offices @ home and so it has become a ritual on a Friday afternoon to down tools @ around 4pm & relax with a glass of wine and just catch up, either outside on the patio or inside in front of our lovely warm fire – and then head out to a meal somewhere!

Ok, so that didn’t happen, so instead we took the doggies for a walk to the park – dogs were happy & we got some exercise, but I REALLY missed the “experience” of sitting down & realxing with a glass of wine & going out for a meal.

So, Saturday morning rolled around & Tony & I sat planning our slimming meals for the weekend so we could go shopping! The Slender Wonder Recipe Book has so many yummies recipes – the choices were amazing :) . Finally the menus were planned :) & I headed out to the shops. WOW! another sensory overload – the sights & sounds all seemed to be focussed on food! My tummy started grumbling ominously, so I put on my happy face & just ignored it.

Woolies temptations

I walked into Woolies & all I could smell was roasting chickens & warm, juicy pies! I noticed how many things I would have bought, just because it was weekend  – chocolates, wine, malva pudding, custard, droe wors, biltong, Woolies Jelly Babies ( they are JUST the BEST), Woolies Roast Chicken, muesli rusks ….. and so it went on & on.

I got to the queue to pay and it was so long! Now I had to stand in the queue, flanked on both sides by sweets, chocs -  all the evil temptations :( . The little boy in front of me was munching a Kit Kat and I could just feel the saliva pouring into my mouth! By now my tummy was grumbling so loudly that the guy in front of me actually turned around :) .

I just wanted to RUN!!!!!!!!

Eventually I paid for my basket of healthy, weight loss food & bolted out the door. Crikey, what on earth was going on! I hadn’t experienced any of these challenges when I was out & about during the week!

So I got home, determined to enjoy the rest of the day. We had decided that we were going to prepare a few meals in advance to help next week, which is looking pretty hectic! So Masterchef SA started in the Dovale household.

Slender Wonder Aubergine Spread, weigh loss meal

Blending the Aubegine spread

In Gary’s Masterchef Australia syle ..”Come on Guys, you have 1 afternoon to prepare a few healthy, weight loss dishes that will get you to your goal weight & delight the Doctors in 1 weeks time. Your time starts NOW!!!” BLEHHHHHH! I didn’t FEEL like cooking or making food, I wanted to go out for a MEAL!!!!!

I started to feel really irritable & cranky :(

Focus & determination prevailed, & we had Aubergine spread with Ryvita & Grilled Chicken for lunch.

Slender Wonder diet meal, ryvita, Aubergine Spread,Grilled Chicken, weith loss food

Ryvita, Auberginbe Spread & Grilled Chicken

It isn’t about the actual food or wine, it’s the whole social experience that I am missing this weekend … and the break from cooking!

So a new day has dawned -Day 7 of the Slender Wonder Challenge and we are having friends round for a braai :) .  Fillet steak & Salad & braaing some Kebabs for tonight.

New day, new choices, new mindsets ……NEW, SLIMMER DEBS :) – all thanks to the clarity & insights gained from an “interesting” Day 6 of the Challenge.

Wishing everyone a Super, Sunny, Sexy, Slim Stupendously wonderful Sunday ;)

Slender Debs signing off  …